Thursday, 23 July 2009

No training but new exercise routine

The weather has been awful this last few days and there has been no chance of training at all. However, I have taken the opportunity to experiment with the birds and they have been exercising to a new timetable and are flying very well. The birds are now flying 1 hour 30 mins a day which I am satisfied with. I checked over the race birds and all 5 have come out of last weeks race in good shape and although 2 are moulting quite badly, I have decided all 5 will go to the race - Swindon 76 miles. Although not having any training tosses I am a quietly confident they will do ok in the race. The main thing is to get the birds back home and the exercise they have been putting in this week will have stood them in good stead. I have also decided to take a further select round off the stock birds due to the substantial losses so far in training, YBS and last weeks race. The purchaser of the my breeder buyer youngster said she is still in the loft and doing well in training. Incidentially she is the nestmate to my 2nd bird last week and full sister to my 3rd bird. So will be interesting to see how this family does in the future races.

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