Friday, 24 July 2009

The excitement is always there!

It makes no difference how often you race the birds, the excitement after you return from the club house remains the same. You just want to fall to sleep and wake up on race day. It reminds me so much of christmas day when I always liked to go to bed earlier as then christmas would come earlier!
The birds remained in the loft today and were looking ok on basketing. They have not been basket trained once this week and whether that is a mistake will soon be discovered. They have exercised around the loft for the last 6 days for a hour and half each night. I decided to send all 5 that returned from last weeks race. I am in the knock out with Bobby Thomas who was 12th section last week so a big improvement is required to make the final! The wind looks a little easier than last week and another early liberation is expected.
The Europa held there 2nd Hotspot today from 100 miles and although my best bird finished 368th he was only 2 minutes behind the winner and most of the birds arrived in a big bunch again. The further they go the more chance the cream will have to come to the top. Still have the 3 birds in the race and that was the main aim from the outset.

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