Friday, 10 July 2009

Things getting better all the time!

The birds had 1/2 oz per bird this morning and they were fine. They will be fed another 1/2 oz this evening and then from tomorrow morning they will be fed half conditioner and half young bird mix to start building them back up. All going well, I am planning on letting the birds out Sunday evening for a fly to see how they are looking.
The Europa Classic birds have reached the 40 mile stage and they had a toss today. My two birds were clocked within 5 minutes of the 1st bird through the traps. They recorded positions 739 and 828. That means unfortunately bird No.2 on the One Loft Entries on the website has been lost. I am not sure if he was lost prior to this training toss or failed to return from it. There were 1203 birds entered and there are 1067 birds clocked in from todays toss. Thats 136 birds lost to date!

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