Sunday, 19 July 2009

Today the birds have been resting and were let out for exercise this afternoon. While the birds were out some changes to the young bird loft were made. Inside the loft has been extremely dark especially down the far end. I decided to insert two windows to allow more sun light into the loft and help bring the birds into better condition from the natural sunlight. I have just completed and the difference it has made is unbelievable. The birds exercised well. Of the 5 race birds I now have left after the poor returns on Saturday, 2 are breaking up quite badly with the moult. I have doubts over the one for the next race but the others should all be fine. I am going to give them plenty of exercise around the loft this week and a single up training toss from 35 miles I am hoping to get in around mid week. I think this will help the birds more than group training.

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