Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Back to basics!

This morning the birds were still looking a little sorry for themselves and one or two still had really horrible looking droppings. I decided to start afresh and clean all the birds crops with Soda Crystals. On handling the birds one or two had deteriorated quite rapidly and these were disposed of. After all remaining young birds had been crop flushed, I deposited a charcoal tablet into their crops. The birds were then left with water but no food and will now be fed 1/4oz per bird at 8pm tomorrow. This hopefully will cure the troubles I have been having. I have resigned myself to the fact there will be no racing for the next few weeks and a target date has been set as the 1st August which will be the 3rd Newbury and the 5th overall race of the young bird season. Obviously if the birds are ready by the 25th they will be sent, but time will tell us where we are at regarding this in the early part of next week.

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