Saturday, 1 August 2009

Always next week!

This weeks race from Newbury was put back until Sunday due to the weather. The birds have been to Shirenewton (40 miles) twice this week and beat us home on both occasions. However, I am not entirely happy with the current condition of the loft and feel there is still a touch of the Young Bird Sickness lurking. I have taken to the step to treat the birds instead of sending. There is another Newbury next week so there is no problem. The birds had a feed last night but still had food in their crops this morning so I have decided to treat for Young Bird Sickness again. I was the only member in the club to have 100% returns last week so think this will soon sort itself out and the team will be back better than ever for next weeks race. The birds are currently locked in individual boxes and each will be monitored seperately. I will look to give the team loft exercise the coming week with a training toss around Thursday if all is well!

The Europa Classic 3rd hotspot took place on Friday with Rasbull Lofts having all 3 home which is pleasing but as yet they are not knocking on the door. 425th was our best position from the 938 birds that were basketed. I hope this will improve for the longer races. I think this shows the need to bring in some stock with out and out sprint in the blood. I seem to have consistency, but appear to be lacking enough pace. So in the winter months I will work out a plan to correct this. This is one of the main reasons I chose to enter the race so I could test my birds to see how they compared to birds on an equal footing. So far it has been very interesting!

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