Thursday, 13 August 2009

Oh well!

The Europa One Loft Race held their final hotspot race today from 160 miles, and although the results were some what disappointing at 466th, 549th, 561st out of the 759 birds left in the race they were only 5 minutes behind the race winner. Still all to play for. It appears the organisers are looking to extend the final race to prevent a big batch arriving on race day and to make a true race of the final distance. I am all for the further racepoint (Edinburgh) but we will have an update early next week I am told.

My own youngsters have not been out much this week, although have had 3 short training tosses to 10 miles, just to sharpen them up and getting them to race home rather than just ambling. I hope to take them again tomorrow and hopefully again Saturday morning. They are looking quite well in themselves. The race from Epsom (141 miles) has been put back to Sunday now so basketing is on Saturday again this week.

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