Monday, 17 August 2009

Funny Old Race!

This weeks race took place from Epsom and to say it was an odd race is an understatement. The distance to myself is 141 miles, but I didnt have a bird for just over 5 hours!! Other people in my club were in the same boat. One lad who has his birds bang in form and knocking on the door had 2 out of 24 come knock off. Another friend in the club had 1 out 7! I ended the day with 3 out of 4 back. I am quite happy they keep coming but they certainly aint racing at the moment! I think I am going to give them a rest this week (Maidstone - 176 miles) and skip them to Folkestone the following week, 200 miles. I am still undecided but thats whats in my mind at the moment.
The Europa final race has now been confirmed at being around the 275 miles mark instead of the 240 miles. I think this is a lot better and should give for a better race with a proper and worthy winner being found. I still have all 3 in the loft, so should have 3 chances come the final race as long as there are no mishaps in training now before the 30th August!

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