Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What a difference!

I am so glad I didnt send last week and chose to treat the birds for Young Bird Sickness. The birds although flying well and exercising around the loft just didnt seem quite right last week. I decided to forfeit the race and retreat the team for YBS. Feeding the team tonight, this decision has proved to be correct with the team looking the best they have done for a long while. The majority of the team are now gleaming in feather quality. There is still one or two to come back into condition, but over the next few days have no doubt they will. The problem I seem to have now is the race being on Saturday and the birds have had no exercise since last Thursday! This is a concern and if they fail to race this week (97 miles) the following weeks race is from 140 miles. I only have wednesday and Thursday to get them out and exercising. Considering they are all still not 100%, I am unsure what to do. I will wait to see how they are again tomorrow afternoon and I might let them out for loft exercise in the evening, depending on how they go I might then give them a training toss on Thursday. But any concern and they will not go again this week and I will jump them upto 140 miles.

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