Thursday, 4 July 2013

Training regime increasing!

The two teams are now in full training mode. They went to 12 miles on Wednesday and came very well. Today they have been increased to 18 miles and went twice. I had a ring check and confirmed we had 54 young birds in the loft plus the 2 old race cocks. All were basketed up and 10 minutes after their return they were basketed again and taken to the same place. We are missing 3 from the both tosses with 53 birds in the loft as I write this. Hopefully the remaining 3 will return by tomorrow. They have had a good feed tonight and they will be taken again tomorrow afternoon, again to the 18 mile point. Depending on time, they might infact go twice again tomorrow. If I am happy after that they will be stepped up to 28 miles. We have 9 days until the 1st race so we are going to have to give them a hammering as I want them out to at least 40 miles prior to the 1st race. I am even hoping to take them to the first point (76 miles) but this will depend on how they come in the coming week. At the moment they are answering all the questions I am asking of them.

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