Sunday, 30 June 2013

Time to get a move on!

The 2 old birds raced yesterday from Maidstone (176 miles) but were off the pace which surprised me. I was quite disappointed with them to be honest. Oh well, at least the young bird season is nearly upon us!
With that in mind I have decided to start training both my first and second team together. They are not flying as well as I would have liked around the loft but that is more to do with the stop start weather we are having. How long is that going to continue though? So I have decided regardless of that I need to start pushing them on a bit now. I basketed 59 tonight and decided to go straight to 9 miles. I am missing 6 at present with the other 53 arriving togther, which is a bit odd but now is not the time to moddy coddle them and on they must go. I will go again tomorrow to the same place and then we will look at twice a day training and pushing them on at a fair pace. The first race they could enter would be this Saturday as its an any age race in the fed, but I dont think they will be ready for this. It would be lambs to the slaughter. The first young bird race is on the 13th July so 2 weeks of intense training to come and we will see where we are at come that race!

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