Thursday, 13 June 2013

Progressing nicely!

The training is going very, very well at present. We have now had 10 training tosses over the last 13 days. 7 of those have been at 12 miles with the birds liberated in groups of 3 and 4. They are beating me back everytime and are doing great. We will look to increase the distance in the next week or so. We will probably now go directly to 27 miles which is a big jump for them but one I am confident they will take in their stride.
I have decided I will not rush the 2nd team to make them catch the first race. I have instead decided to take my time with them. The first race is on the 20th July (5 weeks away). They have just started grouping at the moment and I would like them to have at least a month flying around the loft and ranging before they see the basket. So that would leave just 1 week to train them so realistically without rushing them they aren't going to be ready. I am now looking at the first comeback of the young bird season on the 30th August which allows me so much more time to get them where I want them to be prior to racing.
We are planning on sending our 2 old cocks to this weeks club race from Newbury (97 miles) and they have been training the last 13 days with the youngsters and are looking sharp. I am hoping they perform well in this race. I have just fed their racing mix and hopefully they will perform well on Saturday.

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