Sunday, 9 June 2013

Training has started!

We have been busy training the birds the last 9 days! They have had 7 tosses in total to date. On the 1st June we went to 6 miles and let all 33 go together. We had 32 return in a group. 2nd & 3rd June we took them 9 miles and libbed them all together and all home. On the 4th June we took them to 12 miles and let them go in groups of 6. We had them all home from there. On the 5th we went to the same place and let 5 groups of 6 go but this time at least 2 of the groups we attacked! We had 6 return the following day but ended up dropping 6 in total. We gave them a rest on 6th June and 7th June. 8th June they returned to the 12 miles spot and all home but this time in groups of 4. This evening they went to the same spot again and were liberated in groups of 3 and 4 and pleased to say all home. We have 2 in the injury bay, one with a sliced throat directly under his beak! The other a hawk attack around the loft and these two are recovering well. In total we have 26 young birds in the first team. So 7 tosses in we have dropped 7 youngsters which I am quite happy with at this time. They arrived very promptly tonight and that is pleasing.
My 2nd team now has 39 birds in total and these were out this afternoon and joined the first team for a fly around the loft. They are just starting to group and another 3 or 4 days out flying and I sure they will be grouping very nicely. In total then we have 65 birds which is a very nice number. Hopefully I can push the 2nd team on quite quickly. The first race is just over 5 weeks away so plenty of time to get them ready. I am not too concerned if the 2nd team dont catch the first couple of races but they will be ready sooner or later for the coming season.

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