Sunday, 21 July 2013


The birds came quite well yesterday from Swindon (2). They liberated at 9.00 and I expected them at 10.30 and sure enough I clocked at 10.30.25! Hows that for calculating the velocity!!
I finished with 17 from 22 so down 5 of which 2 I am very surprised have failed to come. At the club I was 6 minutes behind the winner and 1 minute behind 4th place. I am very pleased with that as the wind failed to suit I think this was always going to limit us but they performed well.
After last weeks rest they will now be back to work this week with daily trainers from 28-34 miles. I am hoping the wind changes for next week with a bit of South in it. If it is then I think they will go very close! I will update if anything happens in the week.
Tomorrow is the first Hotspot in the Somerset One Loft Race and we have 2 birds marked and entered in the Gold Ring. Hopefully they will produce a good performance for the Rasbull Syndicate share holders. Good luck to us and everyone else for tomorrows race!

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