Monday, 22 July 2013

Somerset 1st Hotspot

The 1st Hotspot has taken place this morning and our bird WHU13N 10124 finished 222nd from the 562 birds entered. They have been well split up. WHU13N 10122 has not timed yet on the first published result showing 308 pigeons.
I am not to sure what to think with this years birds. In the past they have bombed home in training only to perform quite poorly in the Final race. So I am hoping this years birds are saving more for the final race. It seems to be the birds that produce in the early races are the ones that struggle come the final. Hopefuly if they can stay around the middle of the pack and get some extra fitness from arriving a little behind they will be in better stead come the final. I am very disappointed we lost two prior to the 1st Hotspot but that is life. Maybe '10121' can still arrive back as he was only lost in the toss prior to the 1st Hotspot. I was looking at the chap who won today. He entered 30 in to the race at the start, had 27 after the flyaway and got 15 to the 1st Hotspot so he has dropped quite a few like the rest of us.
I think I have made a mistake with this years pairings. The birds that have produced the goods for me in the past 2 years I have not sent down youngsters from them. I will certainly use these results to ensure the best possible pairings go next year. My timings were out for this year and I split the pair that had produced to see if they could further improve. 'Rasbull Trish' has laid 12 eggs this year and not one have been full! I have now changed her back to the old pairing of 'Rasbull Mr Perfect' and she is currently sitting two eggs that are due to hatch any day. I have reduced the stock birds to a bear minimum and they will be under close scrutiny over this season with their off spring in the Somerset One Loft race, Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race and the Welsh Classic Challenge.

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