Saturday, 27 July 2013

3rd, 4th and 5th Club Newbury!

The young birds were trained every day in the lead up to the race from 34 miles. After going twice Monday they went Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with rest on Friday. They performed very well throughout the week and we got all the injured birds back in the basket. We did drop 1 injured bird returning and also 1 race bird - no idea how we dropped him! We sent 18 to this weeks race from Newbury 97 miles. (17 from the previous weeks race and 1 recovered injured bird) We clocked 9.17am, 9.21am and 9.21am to claim 3rd, 4th and 5th club from 134 birds! I am very happy with this performance as once again we did not have the wind to help us. The South winds can only be a matter of time!! We currently have 17 from 18 birds and are missing the bird that was 1st for us last week!
The Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race had our first Hotspot today from 103 miles, and 3 of our birds were in the line up. Our two in the Pixels OLR were 10th, 11th in the Open (30 birds).The other bird is a Irish Classic Challenge bird and also timed in.
The Welsh Classic Challenge also had their first race today and they had a bad one! We had 4 in the line up but as we speak none have been timed in. They are sitting at 29 from 75. Rain has pulled in this afternoon and I doubt many will make it home tonight so could be a nightout! I will update as I hear the returns but hopefully out 4 can make it!

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