Friday, 19 July 2013

22 gone tonight!

This week has been very hot so I have decided to give the birds a complete rest to reserve energy and recoup after their extensive training programme to date. They have had the bath in front of them for the past 4 days and have been allowed to lounge around in the loft. They have only been out for 10 minutes and trapped quickly due to the heat and being too hungry.
I have sent 22 tonight to the race from Swindon tomorrow (76 miles). The birds are looking and handling very nice and I fully expect a good race tomorrow. I have treated them for lice this week and apart from that they have had complete rest. I will update tomorrow with news on how they get on!
The 1st Hotspot takes place in the Somerset One Loft Race on Monday as we have at least 2 birds in the race and possible 3. (N10121 was not recorded on todays trainer from 40 miles but I feel he will be showing when the basket list is placed on the site). I hope they perform well in the Hotspots.

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