Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rasbull Share Syndicate

The 2nd Hotspot takes place tomorrow from 85 miles in the Somerset One Loft Race. I am pleased to report we have both '10122' and '10124' in the marked list! We were missing '10124' from a bad training toss they had in midweek. 439 birds have been sent this week, which is 123 birds down on the 1st Hotspot. The 1st Hotspot winner is also not on the marked list! Keeping the birds in the race through the early Hotspots is the key to success. There really is no point peaking too early and the birds I have sent down this year dont have the zip and speed of the birds the last 2 occasions but hopefully this will allow for a better final race should they make it! Good luck.

The Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race hold our 2nd Hotspot on Saturday also. The distance is again 103 miles and hopefully our 3 birds in the race will do well.

We also have the Welsh Classic Challenge. Unfortunately half the birds were lost in a massive smash for the Welsh South Road Fed, but we did have a gallant bird return the following morning to live to fight another day. Well that day starts on Saturday and hopefully he can do well!

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