Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hotspot 2 - Somerset One Loft Race

Rasbull Share Syndicate update:- '10124' was 244th in the 2nd Hotspot today. '10122' has not timed in as yet! 439 birds were sent and 95 yet to arrive back. '10124' had a good look around and I must admit I am quite pleased with that. I find the birds that do well in the early races are often the birds that struggle come the final races! Hopefully this will be good for us! '10122' however is a different kettle of fish! He is just not cutting it at the moment and needs to pull his socks up thats for sure. I would rather have a bit of extra flying but he is going to be fit enough to fly Australia with all the extra miles he is getting under his wing!

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