Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rasbull Share Syndicate and news update

The 4th Hotspot took place on the 23rd August and our birds once again failed to produce. It has been the story of the season regarding the One Loft Entries. '10124' finished a disappointing 194th out of the 297 entries but about 90 in total failed to return. Amongst them was '10122'. The birds have been marked today 29/8/13 and there are 234 in the loft in total. Sadly '10122' is not on the list. I can only apologise for the poor display from this years birds in the Somerset One Loft race that I entered. I should have waited until the correct pairings were ready and sent their youngsters down instead but I tried 2 pairs that I wouldn't normally have sent. It is my mistakes and one I will not repeat again. Having said that, we still have one in the final and with over 700 birds lost up to this stage at least we have one in the race! I am not holding out much hope for him in the final though and all focus will now be on next years entries. I can assure you I will be reverting back to my tried and trusted breeders to produce the birds that hopefully will compete a lot better than this years entries have done.
In the Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race Hotspot 5 from 176 miles, our entry finished 8th out of the 30 in the race and ended up winning the £50 pools. He seems to be getting better each week so with just 2 weeks left hopefully he has found some form!
The bird in the Irish Classic Challenge raced in the same race and would have finished 14th. He is going with the Irish National this week to Talbenny, so hopefully he will come well from there!
We had '10125' in the Welsh Classic Challenge last week flying from Chale in the Isle of White and he finished 8th in the loft out of the 28 that were sent. The WSR fed had a stinker of a race so very pleased to see him amonsgt the returns. Later in the week Ant Williams posted that '10126' who was another entry in the Welsh Classic Challenge had returned from the first race of the young bird season that saw huge losses. This is the nestmate to '10125' and hopefully will now go on to produce some excellent performances.
My own birds have been put in the aviary and left to continue with the moult. I am doubtful they will be raced again this season. We have a good number for next year and have topped them up with 6 latebreds out of the birds that will produce the entries for next years share syndicate.

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