Thursday, 22 August 2013

Been a while!

Its been a while since I last updated!

Firstly we did send 18 birds to Epsom for the 141 miles race on the 17th July. Despite my optimism we had a stinker. It would be fair to say this was the worst race we have had since returning to the sport. The birds were really slow and came all day in ones. We finished with 13 out of the 18 over the weekend. The last one home was badly injured but should hopefully recover. We had one reported yesterday in Stroud but a phone call this morning saying the bird died during the night from its injuries. The birds have been kept in since the race and I am as yet undecided what to do with them now as they are moulting very badly.

The Pigeon Pixels One Loft held our 4th Hotspot but our two entries were poor this week with '10135' finishing in 25th position out of the 30 entries. '10141' failed to arrive home. Hopefully he can find his way back throughout the week.

The Welsh Classic Challange raced and '10125' did return to the loft but was very late. Hopefully this has done him the world of good and he can now start improving now his fitness is returning.

So enough of that (very depressing weekend indeed!)

This week we will not be sending our own birds as they will be resting and recovering from the race last weekend.

The Somerset One Loft Race are holding their 4th Hotspot from Folkestone tomorrow and we have 2 entries showing on the basket list. '10124' and '10122' are still in there battling away. Hopefully they can produce a good performance tomorrow against the remaining 297 entries.

The Welsh Classic entry '10125' is going to be sent to Chale for this weeks race and hopefully he can produce a better result than last week now he has a race under his belt!

The Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race are racing from 176 miles in the 5th Hotspot and hopefully our entry '10135' can pull his socks up a bit this weekend!

The Irish Classic Challenge entry '10936' would have finished 15th last week if in the Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race and will be rested this week before going to the first of the Irish Nationals next week from Talbenny.

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