Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rasbull Share Syndicate - 3rd Hotspot

Its been a quiet week with the birds as I have been in Majorca and only arrived back on Friday evening. The birds have been confined to the loft in that time. I did manage to take 21 of them to 28 miles yesterday and all arrived home safe and sound. I will take them again this afternoon. They are racing from 130 miles on Saturday and I am fully expecting a good performance despite the rest in the loft for over a week!

Our new star of the loft 'Rasbull Aquaflight' has now arrived and she has settled in very well. The 2nd Open - Yearling Final of the Somerset One Loft has gone into the breeding loft where hopefully she will breed some very useful youngsters for next years events!

The Somerset One Loft race held their 3rd Hotspot on the 12th August from 122 miles and we had the two Rasbull Syndicate birds in the marked list of 409 birds. The result shows a very difficult race with just 204 birds home on the night! Thankfully both the syndicate birds arrived back if even if somewhat off the pace of the leaders. '10124' finished 156th and '10122' finished 197th but with over 200 still missing I am very pleased they both returned and will live to fight another day!

In the Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race our 2 entries were off the pace this week but again will fight to live another day. Our Irish Classic Pigeon in the same race did fair better finishing 8th. They will all race from 156 miles now on Saturday in the 4th Hotspot.

In the Welsh Classic Challenge our '10125' rested this week after returning late last week when half the team were lost in a dreadful race. He should great heart to return home and after a decent rest will be interesting to see how he performs this coming week.

Will keep you posted on events as they happen! 

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