Sunday, 8 September 2013


The Final race in the Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race 2013 on the 6th September from 190 miles and our entry finished 3rd Open! We are very pleased with this result. There were 54 birds in the competition at the start so to finish 3rd was very good! We collected the pools for the 2nd week running and collected another £70! The pigeon is bred from 'Rasbull Semtex' and her brother is competing today in the final of the Somerset One Loft Race!
We have just one entry left in the Rasbull Share Syndicate and as mentioned above it is a brother to the bird pictured above. Hopefully the extra distance will help as '10124' has not produced very much to date. Saying that the intake was over 900 birds and only 240 have made the final. So we will be keeping our fingers crossed that he can produce a good performance.

Our entries in the Welsh Classic Challenge have not excelled this year but we still have two in the loft to go on and race as yearlings. These two are bred from 'Rasbull Bullet' and hopefully will go on to better things in the future.

Our entry in the Irish Classic Challenge endured a hard race in the National when Eamon failed to clock out any of the 4 entries he sent. Sadly none have returned and our entry has been lost.

We will be disclosing details for the Rasbull Share Syndicate 2014 in the next few days so stay tuned! I will update late with how '10124' got on in the final from Ypres in Belgium (265 miles) later this evening! Good luck to our shareholders in this bird!

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