Tuesday, 26 June 2012

We have one!!

On arriving home from work I found a bird waiting on the trap to get in! It was the W/F Blue off my No.1 pair that had missed the Lillers race. He has lost a lot of weight and has done very well to come home. There have only been 5 birds recorded in the club that I am aware so chances this gallent little bird will score 6th club is a welcome bonus! I have also had another reported in Stockport. I am very grateful to the gentleman to reported it and hopefully this bird will be back in the loft within the next few days. What was he doing so far North though? There was no North in the wind yesterday? I am guessing they have tracked the coastline North and crossed into the Uk further North than anyone had guessed. I have also heard they may have clashed with a Danish federation? Who knows but I am glad I will at least have 2 pigeons to race next year who have experienced Brussels. Hopefully the remaining 3 will arrive in the next few days so fingers crossed!

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