Monday, 4 June 2012

100% returns for 2nd week running!

My final bird missing from Saturdays race from Folkestone (200 miles) has arrived safely back this afternoon. He is very thin and totally flown out. I am over the moon as it turned out to be a very tricky race with many fanciers missing 2-6 birds each! It is now the 2nd week in a row that they have all returned and I am very pleased with that. It was only their 4th race so for it to be so tough proves they are made of strong stuff!!
I have had the race birds back out exercising around the loft this afternoon and they have put in a hours work which is another reason to be pleased. I will rest the late bird today and tomorrow morning and see how he is tomorrow evening. With this weeks race from Lilliers (272 miles) basketing a day early I only have Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare the birds to how I want them. I will look to get more work into them to sharpen them up rather than rest them though that is for sure! At this moment I am not sure how many I will send but hopefully by Wednesday morning will have a better idea of how the 7 race birds have recovered from the Folkestone race.

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