Monday, 11 June 2012

Best result of the season so far!!

We had 6 birds liberated in Lillers (272 miles) on Saturday. They were liberated at 9.15am and our first arrival dived over the house at 16.24 doing 1115ypm. We had four from six on the day. On reading the clocks it was clear the birds had experienced a difficult race with many fanciers missing lots of birds at knock off. I am pleased to announce we finished 2nd club (beaten by 3 minutes after flying for 7hrs and 9 minutes!!) We also clocked another who finished 5th club. We won the pools and nom in the club so all very pleasing. Looking at the early times in the federation it is not out of the question whether we will make the fed sheet this week which would be our biggest achievement to date since restarting in 2008. We did top the federation last year but racing from 272 miles is different to 97 miles! We will find out later in the week regarding this but fingers are firmly crossed! The only disappointment was that our other 2 birds have failed to arrive. Hopefully we may get them later this week. This was our best race of the season to date and I can not wait for the next big one from Brussels in 2 weeks time. We have a race this week from Guildford which at present I am not sure whether to send or not as yet. The birds were extremely tired on return from Lillers. They have rested Sunday and today. I think I will let them out Wednesday and see how they are looking before deciding what to do. I am in two minds whether to rest them this week and send them the following week to Brussels. I have 1 bird who didnt go to Lillers as he was late back from Folkestone so was allowed to rest. I think this one will go to Guildford but whether the other 4 do we will make a decision later in the week.

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