Friday, 15 June 2012

Confirmed - 2nd & 5th Club - 14th Federation!

I am over the moon to report we finished 2nd & 5th Club and 14th Federation from Lillers (272 miles) with 1,060 birds competing in last weeks race. Along with the 1st Federation we had last season, this is our best result since restarting back in 2008! I could not be more pleased and I have now named the pigeon who won 2nd Club, 14th Federation in only her 5th race of her career as 'Rasbull Leanne De Cabe'! I am hoping she now goes on to better things in future races. She is bred from 2 of our stock birds 'Rasbull 774' and 'Rasbull Malta'. She is a small hen and is a Vandenabeele x Daniel Pires. The sire 'Rasbull 774' was 4th, 25th and 36th Hotspots at the Europa Classic in 2010. The dam 'Rasbull Malta' was 17th Hotspot also in 2010! The Federation result has been put on to this site and I will be uploading a picture of 'Rasbull Leanne De Cabe' in the very near future!

The birds have not been out of the loft since the Lillers race last Saturday. This weeks race has been put back to Sunday and I am still undecided as to whether to send or not. The wind suits our loft location and I am sure the rest will have done them well. I have 5 birds in total that will be sent. This weeks race will be from Guildford (131 miles) with the big one the following week from Brussels (351 miles)!

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