Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Preparing for the big one!

Here at Rasbull Lofts we are now 100% focused now on our biggest race of the season. On Sunday the birds will be basketed for the race from Brussels (350 miles) on Tuesday. The 5 race birds are now being worked on to get them in to top condition and form ready for the task ahead. They raced 131 miles on Sunday but were back to work on Monday and tonight. They have been flying extremely well around the loft putting in 1h 20 minutes yesterday and 1hr 25 minutes this evening. That is very pleasing and they are really putting in good work around the loft for the first time this season. They are working very hard for the full time they are in the air and putting in 80-85 minutes on the wing is very good. They will work again tomorrow evening before Thursday forecasts a bad day so they will have a rest on that day. Friday they will be back to work which will continue on Saturday. Sunday will be a day of rest before they basket in the evening. I can't wait for Tuesday and I hope I manage to time at least one in at a competitive time!
The youngsters are now exercising very well around the loft and they are flying for over an hour a time when they are let out. I have 37 in total that are flying out with another 8 in the nest. I plan to take a further round from my 5 pairs of stock birds. I plan to start training the youngsters in the next couple of weeks with the first race we are going to compete in being Swindon on the 4th August.

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