Sunday, 3 June 2012

Folkestone 2/6/12

The 7 race birds had not exercised well all week around the loft after their return from Maidstone last week. I did manage to get one training toss into them from 26 miles midweek. I sent 7 to Folkestone (200 miles) in what turned out to be a very tricky race with lots of birds missing in the club and federation last night. I am very pleased with my own returns as I had 5 on the night and 1 this morning. I am just missing one but the weather is that poor I am surprised I even had the one return today. It is raining and very low cloud so the bird has done very well to work back in these conditions. The club had very poor returns with last weeks winner who infact took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the club having just 2 from 10. So to have 6 from 7 when they were only having their 4th race of their careers was very pleasing. My first bird home today was the bird that was last, last week and arrived Sunday evening totally flown out and very thin! Amazing how well she has recovered. I think the constant night outs due to hawk strikes and training in all conditons has really put them on the right road for days like yesterday when the weather is very dodgy! Hopefully they will exercise around the loft better this week and come Thursday - basketing for the first channel race of the season from Lillers they they will buzzing!

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