Monday, 26 September 2011

Loft Changes

This week has seen a lot of work being carried out at the lofts. I have changed the entire loft setup around, I have stripped out all the sections and have created a new stock loft equipped with 12 nest boxes which is 8 x 6ft. I have also restructured the old bird racing loft which now has 20 nest boxes and is 9 x 9ft in readiness for next year. I have a 4 x 6ft section which will have boxes perches installed and will be used for the widowhood hens next year. I am planning an attaching polycarbonate sheeting to the front of the loft on all the windows and will be lowering the shiplap to allow more sunlight into the loft. The entrance for the old birds will be drop down which will allow for open door trapping (likely to be 6ft x 4ft!) I will be installing extra vents in the sections to improve air flow. I have also stripped out the 6 x 6 section and that will be used as a store room for the next month or so. After that I am planning to extend it by another 7ft to create a 13 x 6ft section which will be used for next years young bird team. This loft will also have a drop down window which will ensure maximum sunlight and air can get into the loft and be controlled depending on the weather. To complete this work means new brick work being completed to the existing L shape loft. I will also be attaching a 5 x 4ft aviary to the young bird loft which will also be accessible to the stock birds. I am very excited about the changes and believe when they have been completed will make this a fantastic setup for racing and breeding pigeons. This has been my aim for a long time and I believe within the next 2-3 months all the work will be completed and the birds will have a superb loft to race and live.

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