Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Time for forward thinking!

The end of the season is almost here with this Saturday being the last race of the season for us. We have a comeback race from Swindon (76 miles). I have been looking through my pigeons and working out what I will have for next year and trying to make some plans with the numbers I need etc. From a quick glance I see I have about 8-9 hens and 2-3 cocks from my race team....so not too happy!
In the young bird loft I currently have 24 birds. I have taken 13 of these training twice this week from 20 miles and I am hoping to enter 12 into the race on Saturday.
In the stock loft I have 13 birds in total after selling 'Rasbull Shagger' last night. I have also decided to sell anything I have bought in that has not raced themselves.
Its all change here, but I think every loft needs to go through what's what after the end of each season otherwise you have a loft full of free riders which you got to carry through the winter months.
I have a few pigeons earmarked to bring in when they come onto the market. I don't like this time of year due to the uncertainty. I like it when you know what you got, what your final figures are and what you are going to take into the breeding season with you. Hopefully in a 6-8 weeks that should all be finalised and then I will sit down and work out the individual pairings!

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