Sunday, 5 September 2010

So so disappointed!

Totally disappointed to say the least with todays result from Folkstone! The birds I believed were in super condition and the wind was ideal for my location - perfect race then? It should have been but didn't turn out that way! The weather was very up and down to be fair but my birds were miles behind in the club result come knock off tonight so no excuses! At nightfall I have 8 from 11, so not bad returns compared to some. A lot of birds are still missing so that is the only positive I can take from today's race. They were slow, they were totally uninterested in trapping when they did finally arrive - so frustrating!

Congratulations to my brother Neil, who in his first season has beaten me for the first time and in all fairness he deserved it. He timed way in front of me today and was over the moon with his 4th Club result! He also had 3/3 so I think I will be taking some tips from him for the next race!

Next week is Lillers (270 mile) but I am attending the Europa Classic so will not be sending. The following week is a comeback race from Swindon 76 miles. I will be sending to that so I will get the back on track and try to finish the season on a high!

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