Monday, 6 September 2010

2 more back!

On return home from work this afternoon I was pleased to see 2 youngsters waiting to come in. So that is now 10 from 12. The reason I say 12 is that I had one bird in the race that had gone to a club mates in its previous 3 races so I didn't regard him as one of my race birds and was sent as a test! We agreed to put it into the race and see if it went back to him again and we would see about transferring him if he did it again - that would be his fourth time! He had been in my mates loft all week since the Maidstone (171 miles) race. So in he went and to my surprise he was waiting on the loft with my other bird this afternoon! Crazy hey? So in all he has had 4 races up to 200 miles and only come back to my loft once!

The Europa birds trained today from 35 miles and all 5 trapped within 1 minute of the winner recording 85th, 201st, 252nd, 290th and 367th out of the 814 that timed in.

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