Sunday, 26 September 2010

Busy day in the loft!

We have been very busy in the loft today making several changes to the layout in readiness for the breeding season. We have sectioned off the stock loft and the young bird section for next year. We have installed a new set of next boxes in the stock loft and encased them with wire mess and ply. I have also put lights into the new section we built last April. The corn shed has been demolished in preparation for the new aviary which will be erected as soon as possible for the stock birds.
I am very pleased with the alterations and think they have improved the loft. I am looking forward to finally adding the aviary which will complete the setup I envisaged when I first started back up in 2008. These are exciting times in Rasbull Lofts and we are progressing each week towards our target of creating a quality loft setup, housing a winning gene pool and competing against the best lofts and fanciers in the country!

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