Sunday, 12 September 2010

Pigeonpixels and Auction site - Update

The site is now live, however the company that provides my hosting is having trouble with their server at the moment and it is causing an error message to be displayed when accessing any sites they host. If you get an error on the or the site please realise it is beyond my control at present and they should have it corrected in the very near future.
The Online Auction site is very nearly ready to go live, but due to the problem with the hosting server, I am holding off until this is sorted out. It should be tomorrow or Tuesday at the very latest I would think. The auction site is 100% free for sellers or buyers and it only takes a minute to register. Please spread the word that this market place is soon going to be available. Access to this is through the site and by clicking the advertising banner on the head of each directory page.

Thank You

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