Saturday, 12 September 2009

Training going well

Birds went again this morning to Shirenewton (40 miles), after they were let go, a batch of 12 pigeons appeared and joined my birds. I started to fear the worst, but although they were 10 minutes slowly today all but one returned. I checked the loft and the bird I was missing from yesterday returned in between training the the others. Tonight the missing bird from todays training toss has now returned. So in 3 x 40 miles tosses the last 4 days I am down just one bird.
The trained birds were then let out about 4 o'clock and exercised for 30 minutes when I called them down for an earlier feed due to training tomorrow. I put a bath in the loft for the birds to use and freshen up and I am hoping to go again tomorrow (40 miles) about 3pm all going to plan!

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