Friday, 4 September 2009

Looking well

The birds are looking quite well at the moment and have started to increase the amount they are flying during exercise time. I am currently feeding at 6pm and they are having as much as they want. The droppings are like marbles. They are really heavily in the moult now and I will be glad when they have come through, its like a snow shower at present when ever entering the loft. The race from Swindon tomorrow, 1st comeback, I have decided against sending as the birds are simply not ready for it. I now have 2 weeks to get them prepared fully, allow them time to get over moulting and hopfully they will be ready to go to Newbury in 2 weeks time. I currently have 3 young birds that have had 4 races upto 146 miles this season, and 8 youngsters that have only had about 5 training tosses upto 10 miles. I will look to give them some further road work over the next 2 weeks. Some of the 8 youngsters are looking crackers and will be interesting to see how they do over the next month or so. I have been working out a keep list for the birds at the moment to have an idea of what will be retained for the breeding season and what will be moved on. I am quite happy with what I have in the loft at the moment, but will look to bring in some fresh blood over the winter months.
The hen that escaped from the Swol auction has not made it home, and given the weather she really did not have a chance. I have spoken to Richy Elliot, and he has 15 in training and they are being entered into to Open race from France, and said he will pick one out that comes through the race and will replace free of charge for me. This is a really kind gesture and I look forward to receiving the new bird.

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