Thursday, 10 September 2009

Looking Promising!

The youngsters are once again back on form and are exercising daily for up to 2 hours without flagging. They have really come good again after a few problems mid season when they lost all form and condition. They went training yesterday (40 miles). The 8 have only been upto 10 miles to date but I decided to put them all in and they come in a good time and was very pleased with them. The race is next saturday so this coming week they are going to have a hammering and will be trained 40 miles everyday weather permitting.

I have started to introduce new stock for next year to add to the existing stock birds I have. The pigeon that finished 7th Open South West One Loft race turned out to be a cock. I have been in contact with Nevill Flett the man who bred the pigeon and infact who bred not only the 7th, but also the 10th and 28th Open. All were full brothers and sisters to each other. Outstanding breeding. I have therefore contacted Neville and agreed the purchase of another 5 pigeons from his stock lofts. These are Busschaerts and De Klaks. I hope to have them delivered next week so cant wait for them to arrive.

They will not be the last new additions either before the start of the breeding season that is for sure. I am always looking to introduce quality to the loft whenever the opportunity arises.

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