Thursday, 24 September 2009

Last Race Saturday!

It only seemed like yesterday the season was due to begin, and in a flash it will soon be over for another year. The preparation for this weeks race hasn't gone as well as hoped. Firstly the 3 that were lost in last weeks race failed to return, a little surprising as I thought I would have had at least 1 back. So that now leaves me 7 for this last race. I was hoping to get the birds flying an hour a night all week with 2 or 3 short training tosses in between. However, the birds have seemed a little reluctant to put in a full hours flying, some nights only up for 15-20 minutes! I have not flagged them and allowed them to do what they wont. I have locked the loft and they have stayed out for the hour however. I have have managed to fit in 2 short 10 mile tosses to sharpen them up and they have come well from these. I will give them another 10 mile toss tonight before feeding them up ready for the race. I have no idea how they will come. Last week they were bombing home from training and I was super confident, but this week is a mystery to me! All will be revealed I have no doubt come Saturday!

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