Monday, 14 September 2009

Its just getting better and better each day!

Today the birds were taken to Raglan some 26 miles line of flight to the loft, and a lot further north than they have been training from. We absolutely bombed home, and still the 10 birds were in the trap and all the food had been eaten. We were home after 38 minutes and they were already there so that would give them a velocity of 1250-1300 ypm. I am super confident in this team at the moment. Their whole attitude in and around the loft has changed this last 2 weeks. They are jumping, chasing everything in sight and looking in super form. In the basket they are cooing and chasing, super hyped up. Another 3 training tosses planned in the next 3 days and these birds will be in the best shape I have ever entered into a race!

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