Thursday, 4 March 2010

Youngsters should be hatching tomorrow!

The first of this years young birds will be hatched by tomorrow. I have 18 eggs at present, after fostering my top pairs under race pairs. I am hoping for a good hatch percentage. I have been getting my race birds out the last week or so, and I am really pleased how the hens are exercising, putting in excess of a hour each time. The cocks seem a little less interested at present. I have really worked on the trapping and they have improved 1000% over the last week. I did basket train the 4 race hens on Monday, about 8 miles and all home. I will pick the days carefully and take it turns to train the cocks and hens separately. The clubs first race is on the 17th April, so every effort will now be made to get the birds in tip top shape ready for this date.

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