Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Going well

The 11 youngsters in the nest are growing fast now. All looking healthy and well. I have trained my race birds and they are doing ok. I let the 5 out for loft flying today and yesterday and they exercised really well. They flew for 45 minutes tonight. So really happy with that. Hope they now start to come into some good form ready for racing. I had two eggs of 'Rasbull Trish' that I had fostered under another pair, and didn't think they were full. To my delight they were hatching when checked this afternoon and should be out by tomorrow. That will take me up to 13 youngsters in the nest. I have 5 in the young bird section. I am due to pick another 7 up within the next week and hopefully within 2 weeks will have 30 in the young bird section. I am still waiting for 3 pairs to lay again, so hoping they go down on eggs now within the next couple of nights.

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