Sunday, 25 September 2016

Loft Changes

There has been significant changes to the loft today. I have been debating for a while whether or not to extend the number of breeding pairs we house at Rasbull Lofts. The loft underwent a huge renovation just last year to convert the whole loft to 7 individual breeding pens. However, I have decided 7 pairs was not going to be enough and ideally would have a few more pairs. So today, I spent all day ripping out 2 of the individual pens and creating a much larger section which can now house 6 pairs. I am pleased to say we can now comfortably house 11 pairs at the lofts. We have highlighted several new additions to the loft which is the main reason for the changes and we hope to introduce them to you in the next few months. We are now fully set for a great breeding season. We will be pairing up on the 1st December and hopefully will be breeding 4-5 rounds.

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