Saturday, 17 September 2016

2nd & 3rd Club - Rasbull/Tipper

Tenny sent 3 Rasbull pigeons to the race today in the Rhondda Valley Fed and they were his first 3 birds home once again. He clocked 2 of them to record 2nd and 3rd Club from 68 birds sent. Another fantastic performance from the Rasbull birds. Both the 2nd Club and 3rd Club winning pigeons were Grandchildren from 'Rasbull Semtex'. Our No.1 stock cock really is throwing out winning pigeons galore! Check out his profile on the stock page of our website:-

16T 03311 who was 2nd Club today was only having his 3rd race due to breaking his leg earlier in the season. This bird is bred from Rasbull Rameses who was purchased direct from Koen Van Roy in February. Rasbull Rameses is a Full Brother to 'Lucky Daisy' 6 x 1st, 30th National La Souteraine 16,665 birds and is Dam to 'Linda' 20 x 1st, 1st Provincial Ace Bird Middle Distance 2015. 6th National Ace Bird Middle Distance KBDB 2015. Nestmate to 'Linda' 4 x 1st. The dam of 03311 is Rasbull 67 who is an inbred daughter to Rasbull Semtex.

16T 03310 who was the pigeon who would probably have won the midweek club on Wednesday had the clock been set finished 3rd Club today to continue his good form. This cock is bred out of Rasbull 27 who is a son of Rasbull Semtex when paired to the Rasbull Aquaflight who was 2nd Open Somerset One Loft Race winning £6,000! The dam of 03310 is Rasbull Kulpa 951 who is another bird we introduced this season into the stock loft with her being a full sister to 4 x 1st Federation winners!

The birds are now performing fantastically well for Tenny Tipper with the Rasbull birds regularly being his first 3 or 4 birds in his team.

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