Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Another fine performance!

Tenny raced the Rasbull birds again today. He sent 11 birds in total including 3 Rasbull birds. They once again performed very well coming 1st, 3rd and 4th to the loft. Once again all 3 were Gandchildren to Rasbull Semtex. Sadly Tenny did not have the clock set for this race due to mix up but based on early times they would have achieved a very decent Open result.
There are now just 3 races left this season with a short race in the Fed this weekend, followed by another short race in the Maerdy midweek club. This is then followed by Hythe which is a National race. Hopefully the Rasbull birds can put up a decent end to the season.

We have sent 3 entries over to the Derby Arona One Loft Race in Tenerife. They were shipped on Tuesday and arrived safely in the loft today. Two of these birds were direct out of Rasbull Semtex when paired to Rasbull Nefertiti who is direct from Koen Van Roy in Belgium. The pedigree of this hen is something to behold and I have high hopes for these birds. The third is from our Kulpa pigeons we introduced to the stock loft earlier this year when paired to an inbred son of Rasbull Semtex. It will be interesting to see how our birds perform in the coming race series.

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