Friday, 10 May 2013

Taking Shape

Everything in the loft is now taking shape slowly. I have been informed the 40 youngsters that will form Team 2 will be ready for delivery in the next 2 weeks. I will be glad when all the birds are finally in the loft and have been broken in and out flying. I have moved Team 1 from the aviary section to the racing section. They are all flying out really well and doing around 60 minutes exercise daily at present. This has now freed up the avairy section ready for Team 2 when they arrive. I have the 2 old birds now in with Team 1 and they are flying very well and hopefully will be sent to Ramsgate (200 miles) tomorrow afternoon in preparation for the first of the channel races from Fourgeres in a couple of weeks. Again I am not too interested in the old birds this year and just sending them for the big races later in the season to fill time until the real fun begins with the young bird racing! The weather is terrible at the moment with rain, hence basketing for Ramsgate being put back to Saturday for a Sunday race.

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