Thursday, 23 May 2013

Moving on nicely

We did send our 2 Old Birds to Ramsgate on the 11th May,  but they were off the pace. I put this down to the fact we only have 2 so to make the effort for just 2 is hardly worth it. So I have decided enough is enough for the Old Bird season. However, I am pleased we have them both and they will now now be trained with the young birds.
The young birds are coming along very nicely indeed. We will have 2 teams of around 40 this season and the 1st team our flying out for 1hr 30mins each afternoon and trapping very well. (I have put a video on the site's homepage.)
As you know we had a dreadful breeding season what with losing half the parents in one training toss earlier in the year. We have been inundated with offers for young birds via Pigeon Pixels website members. I would like to thank all who have offered birds to myself for the coming season.
The 1st team consists of some quality pigeons from Shaun Hughes of Sunderland as well as birds I have purchased from various sources in the Uk.
We have half the 2nd team in the loft and the other half will be delivered this week. I picked up 19 from Lyndon Rowland on Sunday and I really enjoyed meeting this fancier from Tamworth. The birds are mainly Van Loons and are in excellent condition. The other 20 are in transit from Ireland and these are coming from the Eamon Wright of Shortcut Lofts. Again a very good fancier and I am looking forward of taking delivery of this batch.
I will be getting the 2nd team in the air as soon as possible and then we will be looking to start training around the middle of June with a bit of luck.
We have 4 birds in the Somerset One Loft Race under the name, 4 in the Welsh Region Classic Challenge and 3 in the Pigeon Pixels One Loft Race based in Ireland and 1 in the Irish Region Classic Challenge. I will keep you updated on the progress of these youngsters that are representing Rasbull Lofts throughout the season!

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