Monday, 12 November 2012

Loft update!

The birds are coming to the end of their moult now and all have moulted very well. The birds have now been separated. We have 17 race cocks who are busy taking nest box positions! We have 5 stock cocks and these are settled in the stock section and have chosen their nest boxes. We have 23 race hens and 6 stock hens that are in the hen section and the aviary.
We plan to bring in another 2 new stock pigeons prior to breeding to supplement our current stock team which I have to say is the strongest since I restarted in the start 4 years ago.
We trained the race cocks for the fist time yesterday (11th November 2012) which the latest I have ever trained in the year let alone for their first toss. They went 3 miles and all returned safe and sound which was pleasing. I hope to get a few more training tosses in before Christmas to get the birds familiar with the basket prior to the new season starting when the serious training will start.
The birds we vaccinated and wormed yesterday also and they are now ready for pairing which I hope to do around the middle of December.
I will be entering 9 birds into the Somerset One Loft Race this year and I am seriously looking forward to that. All shares have been sold in the Rasbull Share Syndicate and I can't wait to get the birds bred and down to the loft. The hardest part will be deciding what pairs to breed from as my stock birds are showing great promise.
I have been spending a lot of my time on my website - Anyone who is not on the site, please feel free to register as it is growing daily and really turning into great site.
I will update when breeding has started. All the best.

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