Sunday, 25 November 2012

Another 2 stars for Rasbull Lofts!!

The latest 2 stars of Rasbull Lofts have been purchased this evening! We were in the market for 2 new stock cocks and believe we have acquired 2 excellent cocks with plenty of breeding ability! Both are club winners and both have been 3rd Federation with over 3,000 birds!

'Rasbull Semtex'

1st Club Newbury, 2nd Sect 1,438 birds, 3rd Federation 3,652 birds 86 miles.
4th RPRA Jubilee Race Welsh Region from Bordeaux over 500 miles.

Mother was 4th National Welsh South Road from Vire!

'Rasbull Tomahawk'

1st Club Reading, 1st Sect 1,288 birds, 3rd Federation 3,124 birds.
5th Club Newbury, 22nd Sect 604 birds, 28th federation 1,550 birds.

 We had already purchased:-

'Rasbull Stylish Ways'

1st Club, 2nd Federation, 1672 birds. 1st W.Sect Combine, 17th Combine 3,202 birds. 1st W.Sect WSE National 1,710 birds. 3rd Club, 11th Federation 3325 birds. 3rd Club 128 birds & 4th Club 222 birds.

This now concludes our new additions for the close season and  we are very pleased to have acquired these potential star performers!

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