Sunday, 7 October 2012

A new star at Rasbull Lofts

I am pleased to announce we have today secured the purchase of another star hen to supplement our stock loft. I purchased a 2011 Blue hen from the John Evans entire clearance sale. She is a Vandenabeele x Soontjen. I don't know if John raced her in the 4 races he had this year prior to sadly passing away but as a young bird she achieved the  following positions:-

1st Club, 1st West Section, 296 birds, 2nd Federation, 1672 birds
1st West Section, 17th Welsh South East Combine, 3202 birds
1st West Section, 17th Welsh South East National, 1710 birds (Folkestone, 205 miles)
3rd Club, 6th West Section, 11th Federation, 3325 birds (Swindon)
3rd Club, 128 birds
4th Club, 222 birds

Hopefully she will prove herself in the stock loft as her pedigree is plastered with winners.

This now takes our stock hens to a total of 6 and each and every one has proven themselves in some shape or form. This is a brief description of the remaining 5 stock hens currently house at Rasbull Lofts:-

Rasbull No.1 Stock Hen - 24th Open, 9th Ace Bird, 4th, 15th, 39th Hotspot Europa Classic 2009. Dam to 37th Hotspot 2010, 25th and 35th Hotspot 2011. Also 6th Club, 378 miles 2012.

Rasbull Akers Hen - 11th National 458 miles, 9th National 193 miles, 74th National 196 miles, 119th National 368 miles.

Rasbull Malta - 17th Hotspot Europa Classic 2010. Dam of 'Rasbull Leanne De Cabe' 2nd Club, 14th Federation, 272 miles, 1060 birds in 2012 in her first year of breeding!!

Rasbull NL050 - Bred 2 x 1st Federation for J&S Toon. 4 children in their current race team all 1st prize winners. 

Rasbull Seven - Bred 7 x 1st Club winners also 1st Fed, 2nd Fed, 3rd Fed x 2 and 4th Fed! Sold by WLG in their '10 of the Best' sale in 2007!

As can be seen from the 5 hens above plus the new addition we secured today, Rasbull Lofts are building a successful stock section which we will continue adding proven quality to when and if the opportunities arise.

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